Customer Acquisition


AGR Group built its reputation as a customer acquisition organization. Since 2002, they’ve taken thier clients’ growth targets as thier own, and guided countless home and business owners through their energy choice options.

agrnew-5-300x200-2They are serious about what they do, and their dedication and professionalism is unmatched in the industry. There are plenty of call centers out there, but AGR Group is a sales organization.

Their artful techniques and results-driven, motivational culture means their team members are given the knowledge and support to succeed. They maintain the highest ethics and professionalism, and always put customer and client ahead of any personal goals.

Secondly, energy is all they do. There’s no time share appointments or coupon-book campaigns to distract the representatives from their areas of expertise. Their staff is proud of what they do, and their institutional knowledge of the energy industry is ingrained in thier call centers.

AGR Group’s representative training is industry- and campaign-specific. Their call centers feature the latest state-of-the art technology and their call monitoring process is the tightest in the industry.

AGR Group understands the regulatory stakes involved in any customer acquisition campaign, and they stand by their reputation for providing a thorough and straightforward experience for the customer.


The most difficult part of any sales process can simply be getting in front of the right person – the decision maker.

agrnew-10-2AGR Group’s small and mid-size commercial telesales representatives are trained in proven techniques to win the confidence of the gatekeeper and make their pitch where it has the best chance of connecting.

The commercial sales process is rarely a one-call close, as the decision maker is reached, partners are consulted or presentations are given to advisory boards. But AGR Group’s dedicated commercial sales reps “own” a prospect from first contact to resolution, which fosters a trust-building relationship that often aids in the sales process. Their state-of-the-art terminals can deliver email sales collateral or fax other relevant documents directly from the screen.

Business owners use electricity and natural gas differently from the residential homeowner, and AGR Group’s specially trained energy sales reps make connections that resonate with prospects. An AGR Group client’s business campaign can stand on its own or run seamlessly alongside their residential outbound telemarketing campaign.

From mom-and-pop shops to large commercial operations and light manufacturing, AGR Group can grow your commercial customer base through state-of-the art energy telemarketing.


While AGR Group’s outbound call centers have built a reputation for quality and effectiveness throughout the energy industry, not every sales campaign can rely on telemarketing alone. Good old-fashioned door-to-door sales can be a perfect complement to any acquisition effort.

agrfs-4AGR Field Services offers energy companies a cost-effective way to increase the frequency of their marketing message. In these days of increased cell-phone use and participation in Do Not Call lists, door-to-door sales can help you reach more customers in a target area.

Whether AGR dials or knocks on a client’s behalf, they understand that they are representing their brand. They work hard to earn their clients’ trust with their sales approach, training, and compliance, and they welcome active client participation. Their Field Agents pass thorough background checks, complete rigorous training, and earn the right to represent a client’s brand only after a probationary period.

AGR Field Services’ unique hierarchy of on-site managers, follow-up verifications and quality checks ensure constant supervision and provide their clients an extra level of satisfaction with the sales process. Their agents are personable, energized, and trained to provide the highest levels of customer service.

Ultimately, the face-to-face sales process is more personal, and can result in stronger emotional connection between customer and product