The first “world headquarters” in Santa Ana, Calif.

As energy deregulation started inching across the competitive landscape in the early 2000s, a trio of friends with fierce enthusiasm and an unquenchable entrepreneurial spirit saw an opportunity.

Large corporate energy suppliers could now serve customers at the retail level, opening billions of dollars in potential new revenue. The suppliers certainly knew how to procure and deliver the electricity and natural gas, but they were generally unsure of how to complete the sale to the end user.

Matt Judkin, Herb Zerden and Adolfo Quintero, with backgrounds in sales and fundraising, telecom and back-office operations, scratched out a vendor agreement with an energy supplier willing to take a chance on a new venture and opened a 1,500-square foot office in Santa Ana, Calif.

Adolfo handled the operation (think folding card tables and hand-dialed phones), Herb counted the pennies, and Matt led the small sales team in developing the pitch to convey the benefits of a new consumer option.

Matt Judkin addresses the annual company party

Not without trial, error and plenty of sweat, the young AGR Group became experts in energy deregulation and the consumer mindset toward it. They decided early on that the path to success was through industry specialization. There were plenty of call centers filled with seat-fillers reading a script. But Matt, Herb and Adolfo knew that wasn’t a successful approach. They and their team would become energy experts, and focus exclusively on the evolving industry.

Over the next decade or so, AGR Group became the go-to team for organic customer growth in the retail energy industry. Some of the largest energy suppliers in the North America (as well as dozens of aspiring start-ups) have relied on AGR Group to convey their message, represent their brand, and grow their business.

agrnew-4In 2015, Matt, Herb and Adolfo assembled a team of experienced executives to provide core management and strategic services to a variety of brands. Their unique insight and technical expertise provide the transformational catalyst necessary to complete at the highest levels of an evolving industry.

EEM’s clients include leading providers of outbound sales, inbound customer service, lead generation and data mining, door-to-door sales, third party verification and commercial energy brokerage. Executive Energy Management is also on the leading edge of renewable energy marketing services, offering support services to clients providing solar installations and Renewable Energy Certificates.

Executive Energy Management’s mission is to make our clients’ priorities our own, and to exceed expectations at every turn. Contact us today to begin a conversation about how we can help.