Sales Support

Customer acquisition is the lifeblood of organic growth, but getting a customer to say ‘yes’ is only a piece of the equation.

agrnew-22Any successful sales and marketing campaign must start with accurate and timely customer data. Most service providers know their ideal target customer, generally through usage patterns or rate class, but finding those customers in the real world goes well beyond a simple zip code overlay.

All Global Resources provides its clients with customer prospect lists that carry a higher potential success rate and maximize their marketing efforts.

The company pulls from a global network of data sources to provide phone numbers, emails, mailing addresses and new-movers. It can then overlay factors such as demographics and geocoding, consumption mapping and radius mapping. From there, All Global Resources can ensure the data integrity and reduce dead leads through data appends, list scrubbing and credit scores.

svcf-11Sales Verification Company is a full service resource for ensuring the integrity of a sale and laying the foundation for long-term customer satisfaction. Whether live-operator third party verification, automated TPV, or a hybrid combination of the two, it’s imperative for sales organizations to offer their customers a chance to verify their intent. Even if TPV is not a regulatory requirement in your industry, taking the time to clearly underscore the product and term eliminates the potential for costly misunderstandings and cancellation requests down the road.

Aside from TPV services, Sales Verification Company also offers a wide variety of customer satisfaction and sales quality initiatives. Welcome calls can serve as a “soft verification” and an appreciated customer touch point. Remote monitoring of a telesales force can ensure compliance and brand standards. And outbound surveys or data management can alleviate time pressures on internal staff.

Once a customer has accepted a product or service, it’s imperative to protect the investment though expert inbound customer care.

agrnew-6No outsourced customer service organization knows the energy business better than AGR Customer Service. Their representatives have training in a variety of territories, products and tariffs, and that makes the team a valuable partner that’s efficient and able to ramp up quickly.

They understand and can address customer concerns at any point in the enrollment workflow. From sales-agent interaction through marketer and utility notification, switch dates, billing and service changes, AGR Customer Service representatives have the knowledge and patience to satisfy all customer inquiries.

They take the time to educate the customer on the energy issues pertinent to their individual situation, which increases customer satisfaction and reduces future call volume.

A decade of service to industry, extensive representative training, and millions of customer interactions make us the perfect partner to care for the end-user energy customer – for retail suppliers or regulated utilities.