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Energy Professionals’ team of consultants guides business owners and decision makers through the maze of energy deregulation. We help develop and execute energy strategies that lower costs, reduce risk and maximize conservation efforts.

As an independent broker, our ultimate allegiance lies only with the customer. We enjoy strong relationships with some of the largest energy suppliers in North America, which allows us to offer ultra-competitive pricing, but in the end we work only in the customer’s best interest. We are full-service energy broker, advising our clients in a wide variety of initiatives, including:

  • Energy Procurement
  • Energy Management
  • Data Services
  • Automated Demand Response Programs


agrnew-20AGR Group has worked exclusively in the energy sector since 2002, supporting a wide variety of utilities, retail suppliers, and customer-acquistion entrepreneurs. We know energy.

That singular focus has created the most knowledgeable, industry-specific management team in the industry, and front-line representatives that can handle any customer inquiry with patience and efficiency.

Our technology is state-of-the art, our hiring is selective, and our training is thorough. But we believe what puts EnergyCare ahead of the rest is our dedication to proudly representing our clients’ brands.


SVC-105Sales Verification Company offers the highest-quality third party verification services in the industry, complementing their clients’ sales process by ensuring complete customer understanding and laying the foundation of brand loyalty.
SVC provides extensive training on energy and telecom deregulation, so their representatives truly understand the regulatory requirements. They’re not just reading a script, and that translates to a quality experience for the customer.

In addtion to live TPV, Sales Verification Company offers a wide variety of sales integrity services, including:

  • Automated and hybrid TPV
  • Welcome calls
  • Live monitoring
  • PCI compliance
  • Data management
  • SVC Express client portal



target3Any sales campaign is only as good as the lead data that feeds it. Whether it’s telephone numbers, mailing addresses or affiliation emails, our clients’ data needs to be accurate and on target.

All Global Resources has linked together a global grid of data mines into a single, central source allows us to easily and quickly pull your data through any number of parameters.

For residential or commercial contacts, we provide the following sorts and searches:

  • Full demographics
  • Geocoding and GIS services
  • Consumption mapping
  • Data appends
  • Do Not Call scrubs
  • Credit worthiness


agrnew-2-300x200-2AGR Group began outbound telesales in support of the retail energy industry in 2002, with 20 employees in a 1,500-square-foot office. It quickly established a reputation for hitting clients’ sales targets while maintaining customer satisfaction and strict regulatory compliance.

AGR Group now operates two state-of-the art call centers, in Las Vegas and Clearwater, Fla, and its customer acquisition rates are still the industry standard. They are comfortable with mass market residential campaigns, but clearly outdistance the competition with their ability to connect with commercial account holders.



Aracely Calderon
Gen. Mgr., Outbound

Jacqueline O’Malley
Site Director

Rodna Reich


Aracely Calderon
Gen. Mgr., Outbound

Jose Rubio

Leilani Kauhane


Bony Rodriquez
Gen. Mgr., Inbound

Sebastian Calvo
Site Director

32079002_s-2Door-to-door sales may conjure images of a different era, but it remains one of the most effective channels in urban suburban areas. While personal conversations can yield high conversion rates, its essential that its done with the utmost professionalism and care. In short, you need to trust your sales partner.

Teamworks Marketing is the nation’s premiere outsourced sales provider dedicated to the energy industry, and we proudly place our hard earned reputation on the professionalism and preparedness of our door-to-door teams.


11552001_s-2US Power and Gas offers interested individuals and small sales teams the opportunity to pursue a career in energy brokerage under the guidance of an established broker.

Leveraging the supplier relationships established by Energy Professionals and AGR Group, USP&G can extend a framework through which enthusiastic individuals can offer their own customers superior energy products at prices they could not secure on their own.

US Power and Gas independent consultants can work from home at their own pace and sell to only a handful of friends and family, or they can build their own empires with ever-expanding revenues. Either way, USP&G provides the knowledge, the tools, and the ongoing functional support.


6829838_ml-2Gas and Power Technologies (GPT) has been serving energy retailers since 2004, and its proprietary CIPHER Enterprise system sits at the core of its service capabilities.

Billing and accounting, customer enrollment and EDI transfer, renewable energy tracking and big data analytics are all offered to clients through a single, web-based platform.

GPT has unique data solutions to handle the multiple data streams required of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). Partnering with the Partnering with the inbound customer service expertise of EnergyCare, another EEM brand, provides a turnkey solution that covers all CCA requirements.